A Glove Can Be Special For a Lot of Reasons

Yea, I know this site is about softball equipment. But here’s a story that speaks to game itself and the relationship between a kid and his dad.

There is something personal about your very first baseball glove. If you met me personally, you would not expect me to be a very big fan of baseball. The simple truth is, I am not so athletic, and I’ve never been very athletic. I am really an egghead in reality. I like mathematics, chess, along with video gaming. As a point of truth, on your ordinary day I’m more likely to engage in a baseball video game than play catch. Even now, there is something about my baseball glove that makes it so significant to me that words don’t capture it: the link it gave me personally to my father.

The thing is, playing catch is something that fathers and sons have been doing in this country for generations, in addition to being a thing that they will carry on doing for several more years. A baseball glove is a opportunity for a small kid to bond with his father. My dad was a quite average American father. He was sort of quiet and stern, and had a really hard time expressing his emotions. When we went outdoors with each other and played catch with our baseball gloves, however, I recognized how much I meant to him. Baseball mitts – and baseball generally is wonderful for that. It may perhaps bring people together who would probably struggle to converse as openly otherwise.

My father recognized that I didn’t plan to be on any baseball team and, to his credit, he never urged me to join. All I wanted to do was to play catch with him and go around, in addition to occasionally shoot hoops along with my guys. My own child is a lot completely different compared to I was at that age. He relishes nearly anything and everything that has to do with competitive sports, and I don’t know where he received it from. Never the less, when I got him his very first baseball glove, he looked at me with an identical look of pleasure that I afforded my dad when he got me one. At that time, I realized that he was really and truly my kid, and I was his father.

We’d play catch each day that summer season, him along with his brand-new, shiny baseball mitt, and me with my good old, worn down one. It was often a silent moment, but it was always a lot of fun. I think that it may have been the very best summer since when I was a kid.

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