Baseball Equipment 101: Here’s what you’ll Need to Start Playing

If you’re a big fan of baseball and want to get the proper gear to look dashing on the field, this post is for you. Today, we’ll talk about the most important equipment that you’ll need to deliver your best performance. Now, the game of baseball is very diverse and versatile when it comes to equipment.

It allows the players to create their own, unique styles using different gear. Bats, gloves, cleats, and bags are just some of the accessories that you can get at pretty much any local store. Let’s go ahead and talk about it all in more detail, including what you need to look for in baseball equipment and how much that’s gonna cost you.

#1: The Ball

1 The Ball

It’s kinda obvious that you’ll need a ball to play this game, right? Well, a lot of work goes into making these balls. Leather (full-grained), a dense layer of yarn, and a rubber core – that’s what most modern-day balls are made of. Some balls are covered in plastic instead of leather, by the way, which makes them a better choice for when it’s raining outside. On average, a baseball weighs 5.25 oz./150 grams but is very hard and smooth.

Right now, you can get a bag of high-quality baseballs for as little as 20 dollars. These bags usually include packs of 12 or 24.

#2: The Bat

2 The Bat

So, what are you going to use to hit that ball? A bat, of course! The market is overwhelmed with different bat designs, styles, and sizes. Plus, bats for grown-ups and kids are pretty different. Bats for the youth are lighter and smaller. Speaking of the size, most experts agree that the bigger the bat, the easier it will be to swing it and to hit the ball, as long as it feels comfortable in your hands.

As for the materials, you’ll see bats made of metal and wood. Metal hits the ball harder and rarely breaks. Wood, in turn, looks much better and is easier to customize. If you’re looking to get a new bat for your kid, the prices start at as low as $20, but they can go up to 200 bucks. For adults, the price range is a bit wider and reaches 400+ dollars.

#3: The Gloves

3 The Gloves

To catch the ball when someone’s pitching it, a player requires a glove. This is one of the most iconic accessories in the history of sports. Just like bats, gloves come in many sizes, designs, colors, and materials. This is important: the catcher’s glove is called a mitt, and it’s much bigger than a regular baseball glove. The reason – the catcher has to grab a ball that’s flying really fast.

Grown-up gloves can be as expensive as $300, with $50 being the starting price. Pro-grade gloves are worth $400-500! Youth gloves, in contrast, are much cheaper and available for 20-100 dollars. The main rule here is – the higher the material quality, the pricier the gloves will be. And if you’re a batter, look for batting gloves (yes, they are different). Those are less expensive, by the way.

#4: The Cleats

4 The Cleats

You can’t just run around in the field in a regular pair of sneakers in baseball! To both look and feel good, you’ll need to get cleats on your feet. Little kids’ cleats are mostly made of rubber for safety reasons. Teenagers/middle-schoolers, in turn, wear metal cleats for protection and a strong grip. With cleats, you can go with whatever design you like, as long as it is comfy and the coach doesn’t say otherwise.

Cleats are one of the cheapest accessories for baseball and can be yours for 30-40 US dollars. If you want quality, look in the 100+ bucks range.

#5: Protective Gear

5 Protective Gear

First of all, get a helmet – that’s the most important protective gear. They are crafted from sturdy plastic, feature lots of padding, and are available for as little as $15-30. Now, when you’re playing as a catcher, you’ll need more than a mitt and a helmet. Chest pads and leg guards should also be in the picture, along with a protective cup (only for the fellas).

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still get a decent protective set for a little over $100. As for top-notch gear, it will cost you $300-400, or more.

#6: Bags

6 Bags

Last, but not least, I recommend getting a bag to move your stuff around. Mostly, this applies to catchers, of course, because they can’t go to a game without protective gear, as we just discussed. The Best wheeled catchers bags are very spacious (can carry up to four bats), have protective pockets for the gloves, and don’t weigh a ton. Also, look for larger wheels so that they don’t break down over time.

On average, catcher’s bags cost 100 US dollars. Heavy-duty zippers, reinforced straps, and additional pockets for gadgets are some of the options that you can get for an extra fee. So, that’s gonna be 150-200 bucks for the whole thing. If you’re serious about playing baseball as a catcher, this will be a very reasonable investment.

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