Best Youth Softball Bats of All Time

Best Youth softball Bats are the bats with comparatively low weight and they have a 21/4 inch barrel diameter. Youth baseball bats are sometimes thought to be small league bats and are called small barrel bats or little league Softball bats. Most of the time, players choose these bats as they are approved by the Little League. If you are in search of the best softball bats approved by associations like USSSA, Pony and AABC, you need to see the following softball bats.

1) DeMarini CF7 Youth Baseball Bat

This is the best youth softball bat. DeMarini has an excellent balance and great pop, which is one of the most important thing to consider while choosing a softball bat . It’s approved for High School, Senior League and Little League. Checkout the below pros and cons of DeMarini


Best Features of DeMarini 2019:

    • Constructed with the Paradox Plus+ Composite Barrel
    • Lighter and stronger, delivers the ideal punch
    • D-Fusion FT Handle of DeMarini perfectly eliminate the vibrations. No sting is there.
    • RCK Knob is beautifully designed in such a way that grip is strong as it fits in the hand!
    • It has dual density, flat Lower End Cap which helps in balancing weight.


    • There is a little durability issue. The reviews from  senior players and coaches shows that, the durability factor is 4/5, which is again not that bad. One of the buyer said, “Paint chips off of the barrel from being hit so many times”

DeMarini on Amazon

DeMarini 2019 CF7

2) Easton MAKO COMPOSITE Youth Baseball Bat

Are you looking for a softball bat with Thermo Composite Technology? MAKO is a good choice for you, this is overall a great product. Especially, a dream bat for those who loves branded bats with high prices!


Best Features:

    • Constructed with the Thermo Composite Technology, the best so far.
    • It feels good and fully optimized with Max. Energy transfer
    • Handle is made with 1.2mm HYPERSKINATM grip, it fits in hand and it’s cool to see it.
    • It has a good balance, no vibrations are felt.


    • This youth softball bat is awesome but pricey! One of the reviewer says, “As always, the elite bat makers are crazy with their pricing.”

Easton MAKO COMPOSITE on Amazon

Easton MAKO COMPOSITE Youth baseball bat

3) Easton 2019 YB15X3 XL3 ALUM -11 Youth Baseball Bat

If you want a bat with extra long barrel, go for the aluminium made Easton 2019 but have a look at the reviews regarding vibrations and sting. Overall a good choice, looks great and feels really good in hands.


Best Features of Easton YB15X3XL3:

    • This Youth Softball bat comes with extra long barrel and 2 1/4″ barrel diameter.
    • Lighter and stronger, beautifully designed expanded hitting zone. The aluminum barrel is light, for faster swing speed.
    • Ultra thin composite handle with diamond grip, seems to have no vibrations but still aluminum isn’t dependable.
    • It has great pop, from users prospective, it’s really important for Youth baseball bat.
    • Certified by almost all Associations, Including Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Pony Baseball, AABC and USSSA 1.15 BPF


    • This is simply an aluminium bat. It stings and has vibrations sometimes. As it is aluminuim softball bat, hitting on the lower end  of the bat (near the grip or end of bat) really hurts. Without softball batting gloves, it wouldn’t be a good choice.
    • It sounds VERY loud when contact is made and sometimes, it is just a noise. We know it’s due to the material used (which is cheap) but still, we expect something better.

Easton YB15X3 XL3 ALUM on Amazon

Easton 2019 YB15X3 XL3 ALUM -11

4) Louisville Slugger Youth Omaha 516 (-13) Baseball Bat

Want to have a lighter and stronger youth softball bat? Check out the pros and cons of Omaha newly designed softball bat with great features. For the first time, Omaha went for the long barrel and synthetic grip makes their bat a very good choice.


Best Features of Louisville Slugger Youth 2020 Omaha 516:

    • Constructed with 7U1 alloy which is a great choice
    • Lighter and stronger youth softball bat from Omaha
    • This bat is way longer (almost 25%) than the previous ones from Omaha.
    • The Knob is beautifully designed and the synthetic grip makes it feels good in hand.
    • The bat is well balanced, have a good control. Omaha says it comes with maximized control and balance.


    • There is a little sting and probably it’s due to the light weight of the bat. isn’t it so? The vibrations can be felt easily. It doesn’t provide much in terms of reducing vibration or just having a great pop. You can see the barrel doesn’t have that much to offer. The ball doesn’t come as expected.It seems like the pop is not enough!
    • Paint chips easily from the bat, even you will feel on the first day! It’s not a good choice if you want the colors to look good for a long time.

Louisville Slugger Youth on Amazon

Louisville Slugger Youth 2020 Omaha 516 (-13), youth softball bats

5) DeMarini Voodoo Raw Youth Baseball Bat

Orange from DeMarini? Yes, it’s orange, DeMarini 2020 Voodoo for you. One of the best bat ever made. It has all the cool features a player want. X12ATM alloy makes it a very powerful baseball bat of 2020. Power hitting and long distance carries would be a dream if you don’t buy this bat. The coolest features from DeMarini 2020 are listed below.


Best Features of DeMarini 2020:

    • Made of the X12ATM alloy, makes it a perfect choice of 2020 in terms of strength.
    • D-Fusion 2.0 Handle of DeMarini perfectly eliminate the vibrations. They says that it sends energy back to the barrel instant with the hit.
    • Diameter  of barrel is 2A1/4″.
    • “Slightly End Loaded”, says the DeMarini. Would be a perfect choice for long distance carry. The ball really flies off barrel with a great sound!
    • The bat has great pop, no vibrations and sting is felt.
    • When it comes to durability, it’s perfect!
    • Certified by USSSA 1.15 BPF


    • This is just perfect product in Youth softball bats, we haven’t got any issue with the bat. Although a few users says it’s heavier than what they expected.

DeMarini 2020 Voodoo Raw on Amazon

DeMarini 2020 Voodoo Raw, youth softball bats

If you have no yet bought youth softball bat for your kids, it’s the right time to decide! We have provided you with every detail you need before buying a branded youth softball bat. If you want to know more, checkout our latest articles.

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