Easton MAKO CXN ZERO 10 Fastpitch Softball BatEaston Mako Torq fast pitch bat from the Easton Mako returns with an enhanced sweet spot and unmatched speed, which enhances the player’s performance.

The Easton exclusive TCTATMA or thermo composite technology makes the bat one of a kind because it gives more barrel hitting and enhanced hitting zone giving the bat a drive to the ball from one line to the other. The bat is engineered with 2-piece technology and the CXNA ZERO ATM technology, which is geared towards reducing the vibration of the bat.

Features of the Easton Mako Bat

  • Stylish appearance is one of the key features of the Mako Bat, it has a sleek and clean design, and the technology used in the manufacturing process makes it one of the best in the industry.
  • TCT Thermo composite technology gives an extra, it is impressive because it increases the sweet spot, which makes the difference, and one of the problems faced today is the lack of speed and the kind of the sweet spot on the bat.
  • The CXN patented 2-piece technology is one of a kind and it transfers energy from the bat to all the areas reducing chances of breaking or frailties. Energy transfer is one of the most important aspects in any bat, it determines how you can be successful hitter and if not properly implemented you can fail in your hitting process.
  • The barrel 2.25-inch diameter can be a difficult problem especially for new players who cannot handle the game.

Construction and Design

The surface of the baseball bat may look similar, however for the Maiko it is very different because it feels lighter and feels different. The physical demand for the bat swinging indicates that the bat must have a better grip and better construction technology to bring both performance and balance in check. The Thermo composite technology, and allows for a longer barrel and long barrel and bigger sweet spot ensures that there is a reduced miss hit.

Pros and Cons
The bat enhances your hitting ability
It has a high level of comfort ability
Swings can be more rapid
The bat is made from high quality material therefore high level of durability
The unique design ensures that there is not energy wasted when swinging
It is more expensive than any other soft ball bats
The ultra thin grip will be quite challenging to people who are used to thicker and heavier bats

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According to research and customer reviews the bat has received 4.7 stars and some of the customers indicated that the bat is one of the most stylish and elegant bats in the market. In conclusion the Easton Mako is an outstanding product for both professional and novice players and with the innovative features incorporated into the new design it maximizes your hitting and reduces miss-hit and wearing.

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