Simple Tips to Increase

Simple Tips to Increase Your Bat Speed and Power

Every professional baseball player knows that one of the key factors to improve the bat speed is the ability to choose the right bat and know what position you need to establish, so that speed and power are best. To measure bat speed, your trainer can use one of the best radar guns that are reviewed on our site. Below you will find tips on how to improve your bat speed.

1. Choose a bat correctly

Wherever you play baseball, despite all the advantages of the latest technology in the manufacture of baseball bats, it is important that when choosing a bat, all the strengths of a particular player are taken into account. In order to understand well how to choose a suitable baseball bat, we suggest you browse through the Buyer’s Guide of the Best Youth Baseball Bats Review article.

The bat should match your unique body configuration, skill level, height, weight, and impact strength.

I recommend choosing a wooden bat, as it is a classic. In addition, choose a bat with the “sweet spot” mark applied by the manufacturer in the form of a black rhombus, since this area on the barrel of the bat will provide the most positive effect from the bat upon contact of the ball with it, with virtually no vibration.

2. Take the right batting stance

Remember that you should occupy the zone for the striker, and take the necessary position: bend your knees, watch the position of the legs, they should be parallel to the shoulders. Now you need to combine your knuckles, and the bat needs to be held over your shoulders so that it does not sag in any way. Do not keep the muscles in tension; let them be somewhat relaxed. Otherwise you will not be enough for a long time. Your hind leg should be fixed, and you should not move it all the way to the backswing. As soon as you notice the movement of the pitcher, immediately turn your hips, thereby you will shift the weight back, and then pull your hands back.

3. Action after the throw

After throwing a ball, the batter immediately starts to move. He should step forward a little, thereby increasing his impact force. As a result of this, it is determined whether the ball is hit or if there is a strike.

4. Monitor the situation

As soon as you think you can hit the ball, immediately start the swing. You need to control the situation, watch how the bat hits the ball. The swing ends when you turn your thigh or stomach towards the pitcher. And a blow. Everything seems to be quite simple if you follow these instructions correctly.

how to hit the baseball

5. Put on gloves in advance and pay attention to the position of your hands

Wear cotton batting gloves before repelling the throw, as in this way, you reduce the resulting vibration. Regarding how to place your knuckles on a bit (in one line or not), there are no specific instructions. Experts disagree, so choose the option that is most convenient for you. Control the position of your hands; they should be on the bat for the entire stroke. A significant number of people release one hand during a backswing. This is incorrect and reduces the power of the impact, and also increases the vibration.

6. Do not forget about the warm-up

Once again, do not forget about the warm-up, because you can cause very serious damage to yourself.

In conclusion, I want to say that if you follow these tips, you will soon be good at swinging the bat and striking the ball.

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