How to Make a Perfect Swing (Beginners Guide)

Each sports game contains certain subtleties. Baseball is no exception. Here you need to know how to take and hit the ball. In this article, I decided to give some tips on how to run a baseball correctly.

An important point in a game such as a baseball is to hit a ball. There are some very important rules and points to know. There are a lot of points to consider, so below, you will find guidance on how to make a perfect swing.

1. Warm-up

Before you get into the “house” of the batter, you need to warm up. While warming up, swing as if you are about to hit the ball. The worst thing is to hit the ball with unheated muscles.

2. Place your legs correctly

To maintain balance, place your feet somewhere shoulder-width apart. Toes should be turned towards the base so as not to miss the ball.

3. Bend your knees slightly

Take a stand by bending your knees slightly to swing easily. Standing on straight legs complicates a turn. On the other hand, if the feed is low, you will lose some advantage.

4. Hold a bat to make a  swing

Take a bat with both hands. If you are left-handed, take the bat with your left hand a few centimeters above its base, and with your right hand directly above the base (and vice versa – if you are left-handed). Hands should touch slightly.

Capture should not be too strong. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to swing. Do not put your hands too high or low. They should be located a few centimeters above the base of the bit. Make sure your bit is not too heavy. It should be convenient for you to hold it in the right place.

If you notice that your hands are rising above the desired position on the bit, you probably need a lighter bit. Raise the bat. The elbow of the backhand should be raised to the level or should be directed slightly downward. Make a bat swing.

5. Hit the ball

Shift your weight and take a step. As soon as you see the ball, shift your weight, and take a step with your front foot towards the pitcher. Weight shift must begin a few seconds before the ball hits. Reaction speed needs to be trained. Gradually, you will learn how to calculate the time for shifting weight in order to hit the ball exactly at the moment when it is in the zone. Some baseball players raise a bent knee before taking a step.

hit the baseball

6. Remember about the ball

Do not forget about the accompaniment of the ball with a bat after hitting. The bat should make an almost full circle around the body. When hitting the ball, shake with a wrist, move the bat towards the pitcher, and then to the second shoulder.

7. Track the ball with a look and hit it

Look at the ball. You should see it constantly from the moment of filing until you hit it with a bat. It is very important to concentrate here; if you lose sight of the ball even for a second, hitting it will be very difficult. In addition, it is very important to evaluate the feed. If the ball flies directly above the zone and falls into your zone of impact – the zone between the knees and chest – the pitch is convenient.

One of the key factors that influence your perfect swing is the properly chosen baseball bat. We have discussed all the ways of how to choose it correctly in the Best Youth Baseball Bats Review.

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