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How to Throw a Baseball Like a Pro (7 Simple Tips)

It is important for any baseball pitcher to learn how to throw a baseball stronger to bring more benefit to their team. To become a great pitcher, first, you need to develop the speed of the throw. The ability to throw a ball strongly does not appear on its own. To learn how to throw the ball perfectly, I suggest familiarizing myself with the tips below.

1. At the beginning of each training session, throw the ball to your partner calmly.

If you start with calm throws, you can warm up your shoulder muscles; if you immediately make strong and quick shots, you risk to get a shoulder injury. If you don’t have a good baseball for training, we suggest you look through our Best Baseballs for Training Review.

2. Starting to throw, stand about 12 meters away from your partner.

As your shoulder muscles warm-up, gradually increase the distance between you. The maximum distance between you at which you are comfortable throwing to each other is determined by two criteria: firstly, the throw should not be accompanied by excessive efforts on your part and on the part of your partner; secondly, the baseball should not fly too far in an arc. You can increase the power of the swings gradually if you continue to train with your partner by throwing the ball to each other over the next few days and weeks.

3. Grab the baseball with your index and middle fingers so that the seam of the baseball is perpendicular to the fingers.

The four-seam fastball method allows you to maximize the feed speed. Throwing this way, you can almost always achieve the maximum feed rate compared to other feeds. This method has such a name because, during the throw of the ball, four seams rotate in the air, minimizing air resistance, increasing the number of revolutions of the ball in the air, and, therefore, increasing the feed rate.

4. Concentrating on performing the feed movement itself, you can increase the speed and feed force without losing energy.

In the last split second, the foot should always touch the ground before the throwing hand releases the ball. When you throw the ball, your shoulders should be at right angles or parallel to the main base.

5. Regular exercises aimed at strengthening physical fitness will help pitch more strongly.

6. Exercise your throwing hand regularly.

If you already play as a reliever in a baseball team, try to develop your hand by throwing hard, even on those days when there is no team training. If you do not play baseball yet, try to throw regularly.

7. Train sharp lunges with a wrist.

If you feel that every time during the throw, it is difficult for you to make an additional jerk with a wrist, train lunges. Bend your arm at the elbow so that it is vertical or parallel to the torso. With a non-throwing hand, support the elbow of the throwing hand. Throw the ball only with the wrist movement. When you train, take a couple of steps back. This will strengthen your wrist and help to throw the ball with this movement even at a distance.

To detect the speed of the throw, your trainer or partner can use a radar gun. That is why we suggest you get acquainted with our Best Radar Gun Review.

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