Louisville Slugger Lxt Plus

In the past several years, Louisville has been producing a number of bats in the fast pitch game, and in the modern game, the company has resolved to add their collection with new softball bats. Even with this success, the company has moved and developed the new Louisville LXT plus fast pitch softball bat. The XENO plus and LXT plus share numerous similarities , however the LXT offers more exceptional result and lighter swing credited to its modern technology called TRU3 or Three Piece Connection Technology . The technology is important in alleviating the sting vibration that may create off center hits therefore loss of game. Reduced vibrations on the bat indicate that more energy is transferred to the ball thereby giving it extreme performance. Most elite players are accustomed to LXT models.

Louisville Slugger 2019 LXT X19 (-10) Fastpitch BatThe barrel features an S1Id inner disc barrel technology, which ensures that friction is reduced to zero. The technology allows the barrel to undergo tuning to exceed the legal ball exit ratio. The trick is important in that the governor that is placed inside the barrel dictates the level of maximum flexibility and allowable swing. The new bat is made from composite material and newest performance plus technology; this is lighter than previous versions while maintaining top-notch performance. The bat has been approved by numerous bodies such as ISF, NSA, ISA, USSSA and it comes with free shipping and 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Louisville LXT PLUS Features

  • iST Connection Technology – the technology is one of a kind and it is mainly meant to offer zero vibration therefore energy transfer is impeccable giving a good swing and a better ball direction. Despite the lightweight, the bat is of high quality and it offers the required skills and technology in delivering optimal service.
  • Lightweight material- the bat is made from 7UI alloy with a M.O.I point reduction; it is one of the lightest materials that have been made of bats. The lightweight reduces fatigue especially in long games and you can take as many swings as possible.
  • S1iD Barrel Technology – the technology is important in delivering ultimate performance through swing and enhanced grip on the bat, moreover it is made from 2-piece construction, and the result of the bat is exceptional.
  • Zero Friction Double Wall Design – the zero friction double walls is essential in reducing the friction and the activity of the bat on the ball. This ensures that all the energy is forwarded to the ball and therefore a better hit and increased distance covered by the ball. The performance of the bat cannot be questioned because according to tests done on the bats before release it has shown to offer 100% hit and effectiveness.
Pros and Cons
You cannot feel any kind of vibration therefore perfect hit and ball delivery.
The handling of the bat is enhanced because the material used in the making of the material is exceptional therefore, you are assured of high quality and value for your money.
The thickness of the wall can affect the efficiency of the bat because barrel wall plays some role in reducing the effectiveness of the bat.
The sweet spot of the bat is largely reduced because of the thickness of the wall

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According to customer feedback, the bat has received 4.6 stars and according to customers the enhanced barrel technology and sweet spot has improved the functionality of the bat from its predecessors. In conclusion, if you are looking for a bat with enhanced features and modern technology then this is the perfect bat to purchase.

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