Louisville Slugger Super Z Review

Louisville Slugger manufactured the new Louisville Slugger Super Z slow pitch softball bat using modern technology and after numerous studies that are geared towards improving the quality of the bat. The new 2-piece bat is made from a 100% composite material that is essential in increasing the durability and swing of the bat. Moreover, it limits the vibrations thereby maximizing the player’s potential at the plate. The new Super Z is made of grit blast finish and it is 12 inches long. The finish is like a sand paper and when it comes to contact with the ball the spin of the soft ball is increased as well as the distance travelled. When you hit the ball the impact drives, it is to further distance, moreover the grip is amazing, and it does not cause fatigue of any kind. The new IST technology used in making the bat is enhanced through various studies that are mainly aimed at improving the swing and ball distance.

Top features of the Louisville Super Z

The new super Z softball bat come with numerous exceptional features this includes

  • IST technology– the improved technology is essential in giving the ball the desired swing and it increases the stiffness of the bat therefore driving the ball through long distances. The super soft connection between the bat and the ball gives the ball an extra swing to the desired location. In addition to this, the technology provides more barrel flex and less handle flex.

  • 100% composite design–   the 100% composite design coupled with grit blast finish of the super Z has moved the bat to be among the top rated in the world. The super Z is mainly built for performance and power, the technology of the grit is mainly meant to catch the bottom half of the ball and this spins it increasing the distance covered.

  • 2piece bat construction– the two-piece bat technology improves the durability of the bat; the bat has stiff connection than other bats in the market. Moreover, the enhanced bat as a feel of the 1-piece feel but delivers the strength and performance of a 2-piece bat.

  • Grit blast finish– most players who have used the bat have indicated that they had a strong swing, load and the attack through the hitting zone gives better performance and increased distance.


  1. In some cases, the grit blast finish reduces its quality because of extra hitting and most players have indicated that the bat may not last long as indicated.

  2. The 30-day performance guarantee for the bat is too short especially for professional players who will play numerous league games throughout the season.


  1. The composite technology provides a high quality bat with enhanced durability and comfort ability when in use.
  2. The product is made from the modern IST technology after numerous researches on the best bat and performance.
  3. The LXT plus features competitive performance with zero friction on the wall design, this gives the player an improved performance and a better grip

The bat has been rated 5 stars according to customer feedback and one of the clients indicated that the grit blast increases the distance travelled by the ball and it has a better grip than any other bat in the market.


Fans of the new super Z will definitely fall in love with enhanced feel and improved performance of the bat. The slow pith bat gives a better swing time after time and with the 100% composite design and materials used in the manufacture, you are assured of a better quality and performance during any game.

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