Ultimate Guide for Baseball and Softball Holiday Gifts of 2019

After some hard works, we finally compile a list of 2019 baseball and softball holiday gift ideas. Time flies and the holidays seem to get us in a blink. After you know it, there are lists to be written, gift requests to be checked and choices do be made. To ease your holiday season, we decided to do the hard work and went through all the baseball and softball products we could find. Besides learning as much as possible from hundreds of different gears we had a little help from our kids for the perfect combination of expertise and practice. Discover the best baseball and softball gift ideas of 2019 right here.

Budget: 20$ or less

Ever heard of the Lizard Skin Bat Grips? This baseball and softball product started to shine last year and never ceased to get better and better reviews – and buys, of course. Softness and tackiness are two of the major assets of the grips. Regardless of who you are gifting, the 1.8 mm version will do it. $12 will be enough to improve any hitting experience with the plus of customizing even the simplest bat.

No stocking bag or gift pack will be complete without these amazing grips. Baseball players will fall for it.

Talking about robust baseball gadgets, the ProHitter is as game changer. If you take a closer look at Major League Baseball, you will quickly find that more than half of the players use this gear made to close the anatomic gap between the upper grip hand and the bat’s knob. You will get contact that enhances the power of your grip. If you mishit it will ease the pain. Even swings can be improved with this small but convenient product.

This is the perfect gift for that baseball or softball player that seems to have everything sports related – with $12 you’ll be able to add a novelty to his or hers gear.

Players love their gloves, especially when they can cost up to $400. You can have the ultimate tender gesture and be person who helps to protect the lucky glove. Theory states that gloves, old or new, should be conditioned with oil regular; but we know that few players do it.

The oil market is full of different options with qualities that resemble premium quality products. Nevertheless, this is the first time we find a clever turnaround on the item: Wilson Premium Glove Oil comes in a spray bottle to applicate product in the right place. No more oil on the player’s shirt or pants, it goes straight to the leather creases on the glove. For less than $10 will offer the best oil applicator out there.

Budget: between $20 and $50

The Pro Lite batting gloves from Marucci are new to the market and bring a rare feature that no picture can show: the mesh on the back of the hand is breathable. Sweat evaporates so that players even forget that they are using a glove. It doesn’t get more comfortable than this. Design is the reason this glove is on our top choice of 2019. Just out of curiosity, you might want to know that Jose Bautista of Blue Jays also favorites this item.

A quality gift for $49, that makes sure once you go Pro Lite, you will never go back.

Looks matter, even in sports. DeMarini’s Digi Camo Batting Gloves may just be the most attractive batting glove out there. Popularity is also rooted in the item, thanks to its professional design. You’ll find these gloves in full power at Little League, high school and collegiate ranks around the US.

Value for price couldn’t be better. The quality and the design make the gloves more that worthy the close to $34 retail price.

It’s all about the grab. This could be Evoshield Wrist Wrap motto. Anyone that takes baseball of softball seriously needs one of these. The price is quite friendly and you can get some models for about 10$, depending on the color and size it can got up to 25$. Take your time and check you options. For softball models click here.

Secure your arm from faulty pitches with this ready to wear product used by pros and easy on the yes. $25 will be enough, with luck maybe $15.

Bats and batting practice jackets seem to be everywhere. Marucci’s short sleeve jacket is probably the king on this category. You can choose from many colors and join the hundreds of parents and baseball players who have one. Costing around 30$, this jacket is not only well made, it also feels good.

Every dad that spends time practicing baseball or softball needs at least one of these. If you’re not sure they have already, be calm. It doesn’t hurt to have more. $29 will get you a very useful and practical gift.

Budget: between $50 and $75

The Franklin custom batting glove doesn’t fail to impress. You get close to MLB quality gloves for around $50. Keep in mind that delivery may take 4 to 6 weeks, so plan your holiday gifts ahead and play safe.  Even if you don’t get right in time for Christmas, this item is always an amazing gift for kids and grownups alike. Get it for around $50 and don’t forget to order in advance.

Looking for the perfect match to any baseball and softball gear pack? These DeMarini’s pullover fleece half zip-up jackets will to the trick for parents and players as well. Picture a logo on the jacket; it works fine for a travel team that wants to match. It comes with useful pockets and good looking color details. The fabric feeling won’t disappoint.  The main asset of this jacket is being so practical. It suits different kinds of weather (just take it off or pull it over) and different settings (from going to the movies to airplane travelling).

Even for those who don’t hit the field every single day, this $34-$50 jacket will turn to be useful and handy.

Are you familiar with fungo bats? Don’t worry you don’t need to be. Trust us when we say this Easton Maple Fungo will please even the most demanding of baseball coaches. It is very well-crafted and comes with the known Grip, perfect for field training, increasing balance and control over the bat. If you are worried about the asymmetric handle, you can relax; we love it.

Add a fungo bat to you bag and enjoy the wonder of hitting with a maple stick, all you need is $60.

Some people can’t live without a roller bag, if you know someone like that, just take a look at the Rolling Hybrid Duffel Upright from REALTREE. Design and durability are its major qualities. It has enough room to hoard all you need, from apartment objects to baseball and softball related items.

The bag is available at the company’s website where you can pick your favorite colors and patterns – over 60 different options for $71.99.

Budget: between $75 and $100

Bat packs are an important part of baseball and the Series 9 Louisville Slugger Bat Pack is a perfect choice to go. Looks and feels very well at the same it can carry more than one could think at first sight. No need to worry about funky odors since the bag is breathable. Sticks will be secure by four bat holders made of neoprene. You’ll even find space to hold objects that can easily break, such as a phone, and small side pockets that keeps all you need at hand.

Customization may be a problem because the bag only sells in still grey, even though this a color that goes well with this kind of product. $74.94 will do the trick.

Looking for a statement gift? Want to offer a unique item? A custom maple bat from Mizuno, the original maple bat company, is the best option. Bats ready to play don’t get more beautiful than this. There is a vast selection of sizes and options for all tastes. Feeling bold? Make a turn a bat into a trophy or memorabilia. Just choose your keepsakes.

The wood and the standards are the same as the ones of professional bats on MLB. It can take up to some weeks for producing and delivering your customized bat, so plan in advance and be ready to spend $76.85.

Offer the lightest baseball cleats in the market with the Adidas Adizero Afterburner Mens Baseball Cleat model. The designs are as creative as it gets, you can choose between bears, dolphins, eagles, bulldogs and more. Just find the animal power inside and release it. Kids will love to run with wild beast on their foot.

Just keep in mind that the smaller size is 6.5 so younger players may have to wait a bit more for these cleats. $100 is the price to pay for an absolute rad baseball shoe.

The $100 to $200 Category

Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer  is a small gadget that you can attach to any bat’s bottom, the sensor will retrieve information and data on swing performance, speed and more. In the past, this kind of readouts was only possible for those able to spend thousands of dollars in technology.  Not anymore. This sensor will give access to a detailed analysis and even instructional videos for anyone available to spend less. Named by some as one of the most revolutionary modifications in sports coaching, this sensor will help improve swings with high and professional technology.

A plus: golf and tennis players can also take advantage of this item. For $120.99 will have no more excuse for bad sing. Just don’t forget to buy attachment mounts.

The safest choice on the list, an MLB.tv subscription will please rookies and pros. It’s no coincidence this is the leading service on providing sports content about professional teams. An app is available so you can get the latest new on any device; you’ll never lose a game, fall behind a rank or miss data on the players. It eves provides access to exclusive content.

Before purchasing check for blackout restriction, depending on your area of residence some local teams may be blacked out for live use. It has to do broadcasting and sometimes you just won’t be authorized to see local teams play on the app.  This said, this gift is better for those who don’t live close to major baseball markets or for those who prefer to catch up on no so mainstream teams.

For fame recreation nothing beats a cage and an on-site pitcher, yet the SKLZ Hit-Away training system  is a good alternative. Its portability is very convenient and at the same time it guarantees increased reps. You will be training your swing consistently, just like you would on the field. There are no age limits to play with this system nor are there moving parts. It’s durable and stands in front of the competition in the training systems segment. Even the price is competitive:

Budget: between $200 and $400

Good news: the best baseball or softball bat for next year is available for under 400$. Even better news: you can get I on time for holiday gifts. The DeMarini CF8 is here to serve your needs for the best bat possible that is not BBCOR. It has new features such as an extended barrel which also feels great.

No need to wait and see if other bat show in the market to fill this holidays seasons gift lists. This bat will certainly provide all the quality and mobility any baseball of softball player will need for around $349.

Catcher’s gear for the kids can be a bit tricky to review. This seasons champion is Louisville Slugger Adult PG Series 7 Catchers Set. Not only is value for price is impeccable, it also scores on looks and excellence. There are plenty of colors to choose from, including red, gray, navy blue and red.

Did we mention the price point? For about $213.35 – $539.97 you can take home quality catcher’s gear that beats evens the most expensive competitors.

Budget: between $400 and $600

Custom gloves are a soft spot for any baseball and softball player, the guys at Wilson know it well and that why they came up with Custom Glove website< . Any person into these sports, player or coach, will fall for a Wilson custom made A2000 or A2K. We all know about the brand’s expertise on glove production, after all they’ve been doing this for decades. Add the possibility to custom design and color and you’ll find glove paradise.
On holyday season, timing is crucial so remember that delivery can take up to 4 weeks. Try to order as soon as possible for around $500.

Free the controller in you and keep track of your team and player’s progress with the Stalker Sports Radar Gun. The applications are countless and let’s not forget that it’s built Stalker Radar, nothing less than the industry’s leader.

Budget: what is that?

It’s impossible not to love Hack Attack. After all we are talking about a machine that can pitch all kind of pitch you can imagine with its three wheels system and good mobility. Regarding machine standards, the Hack Attack does a nice job with baseballs and it can be adapted to pitch softballs as well, although you’ll need to buy an extension. The ball is visible before it is shot, so the hitter knows what to expect. The speed is top end and there are some add-ons that can get you and auto ball feeder. Even storage matters are attended.

For cages smaller than 50 feet (mound to plate) the Junior Hack Attack is a good choice to save a bit of money. You can get it for around $3000. Obviously, if you don’t a budget spending a bit more won’t be a challenge at all.

Imagine and inflatable batting cage. It does inflate and, surprise, keeps inflated. Wouldn’t that be just perfect for getting those extra reps? Dream no more, the Jaypro Baseball Ceiling Suspend Batting Cage is here to serve your needs. There are almost no competitors to this products durability, portability and safeness; if there some try it still is the best out there.

Remember that this category is for those who don’t have need to know what a budget is. With $7,700+ you’ll made this dream cage a real gift for someone you love. Don’t forget to do the math with shipping and taxes rates.

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