2023 Worth Legit Resmondo

Worth Legit Resmondo 2023 is one of the latest equipment from Andy Purcell and Don DeDonatis in the world men’s series. The bat comes with full one oz and the Resmondo, which is important in giving you more power through the zone and enhancing the contact area. Moreover, the improvement in the contact area and the ability to ball deeper enhances the effectiveness of the bat in the game. The bat features Worth’s 220 advantage that is vital in maximizing durability and performance in a game.

The bat is made in a 2- piece design, which is essential in providing a thinner handle therefore a better grip. The technologies used in the manufacture of the bat are called Flex 50 and CF 100. The tech allows the building of a 100% carbon fiber barrel, which reduces the overall weight of the bat, and it enhances the durability of the barrel. The True 1 technology is vital in alleviating all the flash points and creating a seamless 360-degree barrel enhancing its strength and in addition, the bat is made in the USA. The bat is approved by relevant softball bodies’ such as USSSA, ISA among others and it has a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and free shipping.

Features of the Worth Legit 220

  • 2-Piece Legit the technology used in the making of the bat incorporates modern skills and methods this makes the bat appear as 1-piece but it has all the capabilities and features of a 2-piece bat.

  • 220 barrel- The barrel is made with an exclusive 360 seamless 1-piece barrel offers a high quality, multilayered and high modulus carbon fiber that is geared towards improving performance and effectiveness of the bat in any game. The bat is super strong and it is flexible because it is blended with high tensile strength and rapid vacuum, which ensures that the barrel is of high quality and durable.

  • Flex handle- Worth’s manufacturing process focuses on top quality raw materials and a blend of unique aerospace equipments which has high flexibility and stability , resistant to distortion and failure when subjected to high pressure or stress. The handle is made with modern technique and incorporation of high quality materials in the process.

  • 220 advantage – the Worth’s developing of performance through technology and utilizing modern manufacturing techniques is one of the most essential aspects in improving any sport equipments. The bat is ready for the game straight from the wrapper, the explosive level of performance coupled with high controlled compression throughout the bat enhances the life of the bat.


  1. The bat is made from modern manufacturing techniques, which incorporates various aspects in the manufacturing industry. With the flex handle and improved max load, the bat can handle heavy stress without cracking or causing any breakage.

  2. The carbon fiber technology used in the making of the bat reduces the overall weight without affecting the quality of the bat.

  3. The sweet spot is enhanced to reduce chances of missing during a game


  1. Subjecting the bat to high pressure can cause frailties therefore hampering the overall performance of the game
  2. The true tech 1 technology can create seamless round but for inexperienced gamers it may interfere with their handling of the bat

As per customer feedback, the bat is rated 4.9 stars and a customer responded that the bat is extremely hot when removed from the wrapper and it leaves to its billing by delivering optimal performance.


When looking for a bat that has an enhanced strength and improved performance then this is the bat to buy. It will deliver performance and balance giving you the value of your money.

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