Have You Ever Watched Baseball?

Baseball game

Baseball is a demanding sport and requires players to have the right equipment in order to play. Your helmet is important, your gloves are necessary, comfortable clothing is strongly encouraged. Last but not least, your cleats are extremely crucial. Unless you plan on walking around on the field all day, you’ll need a great pair of cleats that fit you well so you can play your very best.

But what exactly makes a great pair of baseball cleats? That’s what I’ll be teaching you today.

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Interesting Facts About Baseball

There’s no denying that baseball has been a part of the American culture for more than a century. It has recently become one of the sports that is watched the most in America, and there’s a very good reason for it too. Baseball has managed to provide some truly astonishing games and offered the stage for some of the fiercest rivalries in existence.

1. Fastest Game Ever

Most standard baseball games take all of 3 hours to conclude nowadays, but this has not always been the strict standard. As the fastest pro game to be ever recorded ended in just 51 minutes when the New York Giants trashed the Philadelphia Phillies 6-1 on the 28th of September 1919.

2. Oldest Sports League in the World

We all know how Europeans and especially the English love to rave about their soccer, but it will interest you to know that they don’t hold the record of being the first to be around when compared to the MLB. While the oldest soccer national league is in England which started in 1888, the Baseball National League comes over a decade before that and was in continuous existence since 1876.

3. Battle Balls

Another interesting World War II history that has to do with baseball is the American Troops had a hand grenade designed specifically to meet the dimensions of a standard baseball. The Army top brass was convinced every American should be able to throw one as baseball has a place in the life of every American child growing up.

The Purpose of the Website

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