Louisville Slugger Fastpitch LXT Reviews & Ratings

There are some decisions you have to make that have a huge impact on your play. Picking the perfect bat for the game is one of them. There are some factors that turn a regular bat into the best bat for you.

1. Weight

Usually, bigger, stronger players like to play with heavier bats for precision and strength, while smaller ones prefer lower weight bats in order to achieve the best speed. You should swing several bats so you can determine how much weight you need on your bat.

2. Length

Most of the times, a longer bat provides longer shots, but they are also heavier so they might slow you down if they don’t fit you. Just like choosing the weight, swing different length bats so you can figure out which is the best for you.

3. League requirements

Every league has some bat requirements, so there might be few limitations when you choose your bat. So, be sure you choose the required bat so you won’t have to spend money more than once.

Louisville Slugger 2019 LXT X19 (-10) Fastpitch BatThe barrel diameter, bat material, other special features and the air chamber are also important features in order to make a bat the fitted one for you.

If you are on the fast pitch area and you need a better feel, with low vibration and a solid connection, less weight so can obtain better performance and stronger pop, take a look at the comparison behind in order to check the features of Louisville Slugger Fastpitch LXT. Actually the producers have even added an inner disc made of aluminum for better spots.

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch LXT Specs
Barrel Size: 2 ¼ inch
Length to Weight: -10
Composition: Composite
ASA approval: Yes
USSSA approval: Yes
Construction: 3-piece
Barrel contruction: S1iD barrel technology
Other Features: Patented TRU3 technology

Although these bats include several similarities, the few differences are those that make one of them perfect for a individual and for each kind of softball player. They are both some great bats with a majority of positive reviews, but actually feeling the bat for yourself and swinging it a little in order to decide the best feeling for you is what makes the perfect choice.

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The Louisville Slugger Fastpitch LXT comes with a patented TRU3 Design, meaning a 3 piece construction for the bat which gives very much power and an actual trampoline effect to the ball. Swinging faster and harder with lower vibration is also a plus for this bat, thanks to same new technology used by Slugger. The superior composite material used, S1iD technology is also an advantage because it gives the lowest weight possible for this bat making it the perfect bat also for girls who seem to enjoy it and improve their playing on this bat, if we take people’s review in consideration.

An extra advantage: the producer comes with one year warranty for this bat for 30 days performance.

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