Backhand or Flip Change-up

There are many ways to throw a change-up but the backhand or flip keeps the same arm speed and stride as the fastball which helps keep the batter from realizing a slower pitch is being thrown. The change-up is the off-speed pitch that is thrown at about 75% of the fastball speed.

Fastball Speed Approximate
Change-up Speed
40 mph 30 mph
45 mph 34 mph
50 mph 37/38 mph
55 mph 41 mph
60 mph 45 mph

The grip used for the backhand or flip change-up is either the fastball grip or the grip of the best pitch you use. If you throw a riseball most, use the rise ball grip. The batter may see the grip and think a rise ball going to be thrown.

Throw the change-up with the same arm speed as the fastball, flipping your wrist and forearm before you reach your hip. Flip the ball out of your hand with as much speed as possible. Imagine a rope in front of you that is about waist high. Throw the ball under the rope.

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