Full Motion Pitching

Full motion pitching is the outcome of the previous basic drills.

a) Start with both feet on the pitching rubber with your pivot foot in front and your stride foot behind. Both feet must be touching the rubber.

b) Bend your knees so you can get the maximum push forward.

c) Bring your pitching arm down and back to either your hip or back further depending on your technique.

d) As your pitching arm starts forward, your stride foot comes off the rubber and you push forward with your pivot foot leg. Your arm comes up and passes close to your ear.

e)  When your stride foot lands, your knee should bend and your pitching arm should be horizontal and behind you. If your pitching arm is still higher than the horizontal plane when your foot lands, your timing is off and you will not be able to convert your body’s forward speed into ball speed. Drag your pivot foot on the ground since it is illegal for you to leap!

f) Perform the arm whip and make sure your wrist snaps just before your hand reaches your hip.

g) Follow through with your hand ending in front of your shoulder.

h) Bring your pivot foot up beside your stride foot and get prepared to field the ball if it is hit!

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